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Claim Form for Damaged, Missing or Warranty Items.

From time to time cabinets get damaged or go missing during the shipping process.  Fill out this simple form to get the process started on replacements or fixes.  Please take a picture of each cabinet that clearly shows the damage / defect.  Labeling pictures with the part number (SKU) in the picture or filename will help us service your request faster and more accurately.

If you have an account with us, you can review your order at Orders to look up your order number or cabinet SKU.  Otherwise this information can be found in your invoice.

Claim Form
The name used to order the cabinets with.
The email used to order the cabinets with.
The phone number on file with us.
The order number from us
Please type the entire address including, City, State, and Zipcode. You can also add any other information that will help us insure we understand the warranty issue.
Please scan a copy of the bill of lading, and/or packing list. You can also include any other documents including pictures you have taken to show the damage to your cabinets.

Form submissions may take a while if you are submitting multiple images.  Please be patient.